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This Winter Solution – Replace Layers and Get Into Leotards and Shapewear

When winter comes, most women would rely on layers to warm up and feel comfortable in the midst of the cold weather. Unfortunately, layers can sometimes make you look unflattering. If you want to look better and sexier this winter, consider wearing leotards and shapewear. Wearing these undergarments is just like adding a layer underneath your clothes instead of wearing one over it. But aside from keeping you warm, these undergarments can also help to make you look visibly slimmer. Many long sleeve bodysuits and leotards provide medium figure support to flatter and shape your body.

Wearing Leotards For Winter

There’s no reason to sacrifice your fashion statement when dressing up for the winter. You can still wear your favourite dresses, but instead of going bare, wear a pair of leotards instead. Opt for textured or printed leotards in place of the usual plain black tights. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright prints and colour. Just make sure it matches with the colour of your dress or top. A change in texture or colour can keep your style look interesting, yet cohesive.

If you’re worried that a pair of leotards can make your legs appear shorter than it really is, try wearing shorter dress or skirt. Wear a sweater or fitted blouse if you’re wearing a short skirt. Even better, choose a high-neck blouse or a turtleneck top.

As for the shoes, wear a pair of pumps with a pointy toe or perhaps, a pair of booties. Wearing these types of footwear with the black leotards will create a more seamless look. It will extend the eye all the way up to your face, making you look taller. To really accentuate this look, wear your hair pulled back and don’t forget to accessorize with statement earrings.

Wearing Shapewear for The Winter

When it comes to wearing a shapewear for the winter, opt for the thermal shapewear. If you’ve noticed, most of the shapewear today, especially those that target your body’s midsection, works by stimulating your body’s thermal activity. Your body tends to store a lot of water, however, some of it ends up staying in the troubled areas of your waistline. This is where the power of thermal shapewear works.

By heating your core, a thermal shapewear will stimulate your body’s ability to perspire, most especially in the midsection. It is for this reason why several women would wear thermal shapers when exercising. The shapewear helps to ensure that their workouts are really working for them. With a thermal shapewear, they experience a visible reduction on their waistline, as a result of the compression and the added perspiration on their body’s midsection.

In winter, you can benefit from the thermal shapewear’s ability to warm up your body. So instead of having to wear some layers over your clothes, you can simply wear a thermal shapewear underneath and a pair of leotards as well.

Thermal Shapewear and Leotards

With a leotard and thermal shapewear, you’d still feel confident and sexy despite the cold. When shopping for these types of undergarments, try to look for something that comes with built-in insulation for maximum functionality. With a built-in insulation, heat will be trapped against your body, instead of letting them out, so you’ll feel even warmer.

The leotards and shapewear for winter are made from different fabrics. Some of the best ones are made from natural fabrics such as cotton and wool. Synthetic fibres like polyester, polypropylene and nylon are also great options.

Leotards may not always appeal to women who wear short skirts and short-sleeved blouses. The good news is, there are thermal shapewear that can go well with such type of clothing. Camisole shapewear can best be worn with a short-sleeved blouse. There are also mid-thigh shapers that can be worn under a short skirt or dress.

Most of the thermal shapewear and leotards are made from light fabric, yet they are able to provide the warmth and comfort that you need during the cold winter days. There are also those that have active fit designs, which makes them easy to wear under your pants or shorts. These undergarments minimize the need to cover up with layers and jackets that are sometimes not suitable when attending formal events and occasions.

More Tips for Wearing Leotards and Shapewear In Winter

Just because it’s winter does not mean you have to look boring. There are many ways on how you can still look great in winter, especially when wearing a pair of leotards and shapewear. Here are some tips:

If you need to wear a bright and solid coloured dress over your leotards, wear a pair of leotards that are slightly sheer. As for the shoes, wear a statement-like shoe that complements with the colour of your dress.

When shopping for shapewear that you can wear for the winter, choose something that works best for most of your wardrobe. It should be versatile enough to be worn with several different types of clothing.

If you are someone who gets too cold easily and you feel that wearing sheer leotards will make you feel uncomfortable, opt for leotards that are fleece-lined or choose a pair of thick wool tights. Wear a pair of knee-high boots to go with your short dress to provide extra warmth to your legs.

Choose the most appropriate size when shopping for shapewear. It should be something that will not squeeze your body to submission. You should be comfortable when wearing it all throughout the day, whether you’re sitting or standing, while still highlighting your curves and your best assets.

Just because the weather is freezing does not mean you have to collectively resign yourselves to giving up on your fashion statement. So ditch the layers, and instead, invest on leotards and shapewear. Regardless of the look that you want to achieve, the key is to be a bit more creative, and of course, to choose the right leotards or shapewear. Even during winter’s gloomiest days, you can still look your best by wearing the right pair of leotards and shapewear.

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